"The Dark melodic band"

-of a Broken heart

The band we have been waiting for.

A band that passionately delivers an emotional quest both wide & varied- encountering the ups & downs along the path for those of us whom identify with what it is to suffer a heart break, be it now or in the past.

If you desire masterful musicianship & strong hooks comprised of grand backing vocals, amazing percussive arrangements, soaring guitars, sincere to steaming lead vocals compounded by a fantastic bass foundation provided by special guests Jack Gibson (EXODUS), Martin Motnik (ACCEPT) and Jesse Charland (HOOBASTANK) then "enjoy" the ride; for now, we can finally stand together strong, breathe deeply & sing.

The beginning

After a troubling & greatly delayed start for artist (the) Mind of Julian, a good friend & the very talented bassist Jack Gibson (EXODUS) took a listen to the barren writing scratch tracks for this release & stated firmly “We are going to get this done & put it out!” Jack was gracious enough to lay down the first 3 bass tracks for the songs: Do You Care?, Take Me Home & Do You Cherish Me? (Thanks Jack!!!!)  

Seeking the right fit for additional guitar works creation was a tedious & lengthy ordeal; although, in time it was to pay great dividends by the discovery of Ossacip Olbap. A Brilliant guitarist which was a natural fit for this outfit due to his passionate approach to his compositions, vast knowledge of unique styles along with classical guitar studies.  

Enter Rory. Upon a long & wide search for the “puuuurfect” drummer & true percussionist in the city world renowned for the best musicians (Nashville), we were referred to Rory Faciane a well-known & highly decorated studio/session player with an unlimited source of rhythmic answers for any musical genre along with “outstanding” credentials & credits to boot.  

Together, they have combined their intricate ingredients that make for a Blue Ribbon winner! 

With 3 songs of the albums 6 completed, the initiative to find a permanent bassist was discussed & numerous candidates submitted bios/demos revealing that it may be more interesting to have a varied pool of mood & experience on the latter 3 tunes :  You Lost Your Way, It Hurts to Fall & Sober (again) utilizing stellar guest's Martin Motnik (ACCEPT/ULI JON ROTH/MISSING PERSONS), Jesse Charland (HOOBASTANK) & Roy Vogt (ALLMAN BROS/JERRY REED) on double bass with bow; The results were fantastic & eliminated the haste to fill the position.  

                      -of a Broken Heart is seeking to spread their music world-wide & compose for cinema. 

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                           Personal Bios  


(the) Mind of Julian

A well-versed tenor with an eclectic ability to enhance a mood regardless of genre. From soft breathy vocals to thunderously aggressive- he has the tools. Julians' mind has always been regarded as quite the “muse.” A lifetime of writing lyrics & progressions based on his own life trials along with the lessons learned, a screenplay, or comedic skits- he was born for artistry. 

Julian has been regarded in the industry as a highly creative/theatrical & astounding original artist securing many accolades. His voice is well honed & always gives an operesque performance both vocally & visually. His enormous drive along with his never give up determination/persistence is what brought Julian through a horrendous accident involving both hands being caught in rotating machinery resulting in crushing injuries of all 8 fingers along with partial dismemberment of 4 fingers. His love & passion for the arts playing guitar & piano were doomed & great depression sat in, but he would not give up. Through much pain & torment he gradually improved & in time the nerves started to fire again. He conquered every obstacle & roadblock in his life, bowing to nothing…nothing besides the almighty emotion of “love.” 

He dedicates this music to all that have undergone enormous hurdles in life & a shattered view of happiness.   



Ossacip Olbap

Ossacip Olbap is a Spanish guitarist believed to have been born in late 1903 or early 1904 in Barcelona Spain. Records during this time are sketchy at best so this is written based on stories passed down through the generations. 
His childhood was very rough as he grew up extremely poor. He spent most of his childhood feeling beneath people and was often scared and timid,  At the age of 14, when he began to develop his adult mind he looked for a way to identify himself. He was always fascinated by the guitar and felt anyone who could make those sounds must be magic! So, he managed to save up enough money to finally purchase a guitar one day. 
School was rough for him as most people just ignored him and he was often brushed off. In addition he felt deeply uninterested in what was being taught at school and felt like a sheep going through the gate. At the age of 16, despite everyone urging him to finish school, he made the bold move to quit school and dedicate his life to being a guitarist. 
Soon, Ossacip realized how difficult it was to make a steady income playing music in Barcelona. Getting regular gigs was near impossible since the economy was so bad that people barely had enough money for food, let alone entertainment. Through desperation, Ossacip began traveling to various countries throughout Europe. For decades he traveled by train, boat, car or whatever means he could to get around. His poverty made him identify and relate to beggars, prostitutes and other downtrodden outcasts in society who often were captivated by his talent. 
Even though some might look at his situation as rough, Ossacip always felt inside that he was truly blessed since he was doing what his heart told him to do. He always felt as though most other people in society had it wrong and put way to much value on the all mighty dollar and are living a life of unhappiness and stress. 
Ossacip would continue to travel and play mostly as a steet performer throughout Europe for the next 54 years. In 1974 at the age of 70, he began to feel sick and noticed a lump on the side of his Abdomen. He was certain it was cancer. Through his unique lifetstyle, he heard rumors of an ancient American Indian medicine man who had the powers of youth and disguise in a bottle. With nothing to lose, Ossacip decided to travel by boat to the American mid-west in search of the great medicine man. It is believed he was able to arrange passage all the way to one of the great lakes of North America. Legend has it is, if the medicine man was effective it would take 45 to 50 years of hibernation after the potion was consumed for Ossacip to achieve youth again. Since then, no new information has been told or discovered. 
In the summer of 2021, the band " -of a Broken Heart " was only a concept by the singer, songwriter (the) Mind of Julian. Wanting to embellish his songs, he began his search for a guitar player, he put out various ads for guitarists on the internet. Julian received many submissions from many great guitar players but could never find the right one. One day, frustrated and ready to give up, Julian received a submission from a guitar player going by the name of Oss. Julian immediately fell in love with his playing and thought it was the perfect fit for his music. When asked, Osss' full name he would always reply back just Oss, nothing else. If fact, anytime Julian would ask him anything about himself he would always reply very little or nothing at all. Julian thought this was strange but loved the playing so much he did not question it. Oss was asked to play on more songs and we are currently working with him on more music. 
We are still trying to wrap our brains around this and know that it is crazy to think this guy is the old legendary Ossacip Olbap. We are doing research to find more out about him but he is unwilling to speak with us directly. He will only email, text and sends us his guitar parts and video through the internet. Please check back soon as we are determined to figure this out and will post any new information as we get it. If you have any information, PLEASE contact us. 



Rory Faciane

Modern Drummer calls him “a drummer on the move”. Who is he? He’s Rory Faciane a Louisiana native who is making quite a name for himself both on the local and national music scene with his drumming talent. Rory comes by music naturally, his grandfather was a country and western artist who owned and operated his own recording studio, record label and publishing company. As a result, Rory grew up around musicians. Rory started drumming with local bands on the New Orleans circuit as a teenager. Up until the age of 17, he was self-taught, playing mostly by ear. Desiring to further his natural talent as a drummer, he moved west to study at the Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. This led to work with several bands and recording projects in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from the Percussion Institute of Technology with honors, he also studied with drumming legends Gregg Bissonette and Guy Gelso. Rory started a national touring and recording career with a metal act called Knorr. He also began doing drum clinics in local schools and in music stores. Rory won first place in the 1993 drum wars-double bass division, first place in the 1994 drum wars–single bass division and first place in the 1995 drum wars-double bass division. Also in 1995, he released his first educational drum video titled “The Essentials of Rock Drumming”. That same year he recorded and toured with Ash America recording artist Biloxi. In 2000 Rory recorded and toured with Barchen Records artist The Jay B. Elston Band, a southern blues-rock trio that have two C.D.’s to their credit. Releasing his second educational drum video titled “The Linear Double Bass Shuffle Concept” in 2000; he is also the author of several instructional drum books, The Melodic Linear Drum Method, The Ultimate Reading Workbook, The Ultimate Drum Set Workbook and The Ultimate Double Bass Workbook. Writing a monthly drum column for the Tambalaya magazine, he has also been featured in Modern Drummer and DRUM! Magazines. In 2004, Rory recorded with Nocturnal Records artist Fall From Eden, a punk rock act produced by Dave Fortman. Fall From Eden had several songs featured on MTV’s Road Rules/ Real World Challenge T.V. show. Rory had the pleasure of playing drums on two of Charlotte Church’s releases, Tissues and Issues, released on Sony Records and The Passion, songs inspired by The Passion of Christ, released on Windup Records. He also works closely with famed producer Dave Fortman and Balance Studios fine-tuning drums for some major record companies. Some of the artists have been Sterofuse, 12 Stones, Biff Naked, Charlotte Church, Mudvayne, Otep and Evanescence. Over the years, Rory has had a chance to open shows with some of the biggest names in the business,including Gatemouth Brown, David Allen Coe, Charlie Daniels, Black Oak Arkanasas, Marshall Tucker, Dixie All-stars, Travis Tritt, Slaughter, Survivor, Quiet Riot, Blue Oyster Cult, Blessed Union of Souls, The Misfits, Vince Neil, Social Burn, Dokken, Days of the New, Judas Priest, Flaw and 3 Doors Down (a band which had one of his former drum students as their drummer). He has appeared on countless recording sessions, T.V. shows and radio broadcasts, even playing a show at the Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers NFL football game for 72,000 football fans. Pushing the envelope even further, he lives in Nashville, TN

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Latest Track

Do You Care?

-of a Broken Heart

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A troubled & sorrow filled person pleads for an answer by their loved one to two simple questions: 1. Do You Care? 2. Do you love me inside out? Enjoy the ride. -of a Broken Heart

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Latest News

 the Mind of Julian was asked to create & record his artistically creative backing vocals for Kick the Wickeds rendition of Jefferson Airplanes

“White Rabbit” which is on the motion picture “Black Creek” soundtrack along with Rory Faciane laying the fantastic drum tracks. What a gas & a blast!


2023 has been the year for our music to be released & heard finally! 6 tracks in total which are getting some very positive feedback along with our first video for "Do You Care? Join our mailing list for upcoming news.

-of a Broken Heart


 07/02/2023  We were top 10 Finalist for WSA (World Songwriting Awards) Best Rock Song Spring 2023 for the song “Do You Care?”